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Cynthia Rosen

3-Day Plein Air Workshop

Oil, Palette Knife

Sep 9, 2024
Sep 11, 2024
9:30 AM
3:30 PM
Workshop Fee: 

$450 - Early Bird Special Expires 1/31/24 (Regular Price $500)

Deposit to Hold Workshop Seat:      $200

Materials list provided


As an adult Cynthia Rosen found her passion for color, expression, and individuality, portraying her own love of creativity and way of seeing the forever changing world.  Her work is a reaction and response to the quiet, amenable child she was while growing up.

Cynthia has won numerous awards in top Plein Air competitions across the country..  She has been published and featured in top art magazines. In the world of palette-knife painting, Cynthia is one of the best plein air landscape painters on the scene today.

She has merged her art studies and love of teaching to become an accomplished fine arts educator as well.

"Finding Your Voice in Art" Workshop

Cynthia Rosen found her “visual voice” when she first picked up a palette knife. This is how she learned about color and the ability to apply fresh, clean color right from her palette without mixing. This workshop will help attendees capitalize on their own skills and predilection and help them discover their own ‘visual voice’-- their personal talents which will help them find both greater joy and success in their work.

How do you want to create an image? Do you prefer classical representation or are you more inclined to paint impressionistically or do you want to abstract an image? It is not technique alone that makes for a successful painting. Painting with your heart and natural talents helps images become successful.

Cynthia will help individuals foster their natural proclivity. Are you great with color but need better drawing skills? Do you have great drawing skills but weak composition? Do you need to better understand perspective and the different ways to use it? These are just a few of the questions you will work to answer. In the process of enhancing skill development, Cynthia Rosen will aim to help you find your own natural gifts. Art is a universal language, but how you want to portray your interests and thoughts is up to you.

Reserving a Workshop Seat:

Students must pay a $200 deposit in order to reserve a workshop seat.  Eight weeks prior to the workshop, student will be billed for the remaining balance to be paid promptly.  

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Students who sign up for a Susquehanna Art Workshop can cancel and get a full refund up until 8 weeks prior to the workshop.  Within the 8-week period, cancellation will result in a $100 penalty.  Within 4 weeks of the workshop, no refund will be made unless another student is signed up to take his/her place.

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