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Cynthia Rosen

3-Day In-Class Workshop

Finding Your Visual Voice –

Introducing the palette knife

Oil and Acrylic

Sep 9, 2024
Sep 11, 2024
9:30 AM
3:30 PM
Deposit to Hold Workshop Seat:      $225
Workshop Fee: 


Materials list provided


As an adult Cynthia Rosen found her passion for color, expression, and individuality, portraying her own love of creativity and way of seeing the forever changing world.  Her work is a reaction and response to the quiet, amenable child she was while growing up.

Cynthia has won numerous awards in top Plein Air competitions across the country..  She has been published and featured in top art magazines. In the world of palette-knife painting, Cynthia is one of the best plein air landscape painters on the scene today.

She has merged her art studies and love of teaching to become an accomplished fine arts educator as well.

Finding Your Visual Voice –

Introducing the palette knife

Oil and Acrylic

What separates you from your fellow painters? What are your particular skills and strengths? This workshop is individualized to help you improve from your own visual voice while imparting palette knife and/or brush skills in furthering your use of vibrant color.

Day 1 will start with a demo focusing on how composition and color can quickly engage your viewer. Still lifes will provide the opportunity to focus on these elements while allowing attendees to explore color mixing; and the differences between the use of palette knifes and brushes in creating vibrant images, be they representational, abstract or impressionististic.

Day 2 will focus on furthering the understanding of color relationships and pushing the difference between warm and cool colors. The demonstration will cover broken color as used in impressionism versus blended color and how the palette knife is perfect for enhancing the clean color.


On this day, you may work from your own photos, further investigate still lifes, or interpret an image from art history. Cynthia will quickly illustrate how to compensate for the drawbacks from working from photos. For those who want to paint plein air, they may work outside adjacent to the studio. Rosen will do a plein air demonstration upon request..

Day 3- On this day,people are once again free to paint an image of their choosing. Cynthia will briefly review the use of linear and atmospheric perspective as well as introduce the proportions of the head for those interested in painting portraits. While not a prerequisite, developing drawing skills is always encouraged and familiarity of one’s chosen medium, helpful.

As the delivery of information will be fluid and ongoing. Cynthia will provide notes encapsulating points covered in the workshop. This will be the final day for honing those skills which will help the individual better improve their chosen style of painting, that is their ‘visual voice’..

About Susquehanna Art Workshops:

Susquehanna Art Workshops is the brainchild of Melissa Carroll and Marita Hines. Their goal is to bring in the best instructors, the "cream of the crop" to Marietta to teach in-person workshops. The workshops will always take place mid-August to late-September and be held at the Union Meeting House or one of the great painting sites in the river towns if the workshop is plein air. Melissa and Marita bring these special opportunities to artists in neighboring communities and to invite people from out-of-town to enjoy the richness of our farmland, river views, small-town charm, and all this area has to offer. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know. Marita can be reached at 717-314-9551.

Reserving a Workshop Seat:

Students must pay a $225 deposit to reserve a workshop seat. Four weeks prior to the workshop, students will be billed for the remaining balance to be paid promptly. There may be a delay in the final billing if the minimum student enrollment has not been met. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

If cancelling a workshop


  • More than 1 month from workshop start date but less than 2 months: - full refund less $100 penalty

  • 1 month or less from start of workshop - no refund

  • 2 months or more from start of workshop - full refund less credit card fees


USA registrants are welcome to pay by check to avoid the credit card fee deductions on refunds.  Registrants outside the USA must pay by credit card. In all cases, please use the sign up link. Those paying by check should close the web browser after completing the form.  Checks should be made payable to "Marita Hines Art Gallery" and be mailed to MH Art Gallery, 42 West Market St, Marietta PA  17547.


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